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 kureOsity born from knowledge of the 2013 Oscars Gift Bag handouts to all Oscar Nominees’.  Combined items in Gift Bags are valued around $60,000.  Hollywood contacted a Wilmington, NC Company to custom create writing pens from recovered Cape Fear riverwood. Wow! Hollywood to Wilmywood!

     The background story: Centuries ago logging operations on the NorthEast Cape Fear River banded together logged wood and rafted floated them down the Cape Fear to a sawmill factory near Wilmington. At times the log raft binding would break or a few logs would uncouple eventually getting waterlogged eventually sinking to the bottom of the river never to be recovered. Over the years the brackish water plus lack of oxygen cured the submerged logs to a highly prized, valuable source of extraordinary color and durability. Today new techniques, new machinery make it profitable to recover this beautifully seasoned wood.  Being beautiful enough to get Hollywood’s attention, I needed to investigate.

    So, having a background hobby wood working including Lathe work, plus building beehives for my hobby Hap-Bee Valley Bee Company, I ordered a lathe and started making specialty writing pens for family and friends.  During the Summer of 2013 it occurred to me that turning pens specifically relating to meaningful events coupled with  rare, hard to secure, woods or acrylics creates a unique gift, collection or reward with high demand.   

     Bingo! kureOsity in Kure Beach was formed.  First task, kureOsity started a “kurious” research and development to identify really significant material tototo handcrafting custom pens knowing that the owner would prize a moment of history, special time, place or event. Since then we have crafted “Sandy” pens from actual wood collected from the torn up Atlantic City Boardwalk, Olivewood pens directly from Jerusalem, Olivewood pens directly from Bethlehem, Kure Beach Pier pens from wood of the oldest continuously operated pier on the East Coast, Civil War pens from wood collected at next door Fort Fisher celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War plus other specialty pens of exotic woods from World Wide locations.

kureOsity hopes you will enjoy your newly acquired significant custom writing instrument. Secondly if you are presently contemplating and haven’t purchase, we assure you the availability of a unique, carefully custom made piece that carries a standard refill and Lifetime Warranty that can only increase in value with passing time.